• Irvine neighbours' fury at "dangerous" restaurant parking

    FED-UP neighbours of an Irvine restaurant have spoken out over persistent parking problems. …

  • Irvine will sparkle again in 2014

    Irvine Times

    IRVINE looks set to sparkle again this year on Sunday, November 30, with Kilwinnings Christmas switch-on set for Saturday, November 22. …

  • No free skating for kids in North Ayrshire

    Irvine Times

    FREE ice-skating will not be made available to children in North Ayrshire, despite a surge in popularity following the Winter Olympics. …

  • Over £7000 in drugs seized in police raids in Kilwinning

    Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

    The Kilwinning Safe Positive Communities initiative got off to an intense start after four houses in Kilwinning were raided by police. …

  • Kilwinning sex offender back in court for credit cards

    Irvine Times

    A KILWINNING sex offender has appeared back at court after breaching the terms of his release. …

  • Unpaid work for chasing gang away with a metal pin

    Irvine Times

    A KILWINNING man who chased a gang away from his home with a metal pin has narrowly avoided a prison sentence. …

  • Death of girl, 12, sparks Irvine schools safety check

    Irvine Times

    SAFETY checks are to be carried out on free-standing walls in schools across Irvine and Kilwinning following the death of a 12-year-old girl in Edinburgh. …

  • Big drop in knife arrests in North Ayrshire

    Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

    CRIMES of carrying an offensive weapon in North Ayrshire have fallen by 57 per cent since the No Knives Better Lives campaign began in 2012, the Justice Secretary has revealed. …

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    • Roger Griffith

      RE: The Old King's Road to Portencross

      A section of the King's Road at Ashgrove near Auchenkist more
    • Robert Mason

      RE: Councillors Update.

      Now have a blue bin full to brim and another week to go, no recycling this week then ;-) more
    • Anne-Marie Hewlett

      RE: Hewlett family

      It's been awhile since I've been on here and I'm no closer to finding out about my family. If... more
    • Eileen Kerr

      RE: White Horse Country Western Club

      White Horse Country Western Club 20th December Christmas Dance in Cranberry Moss with Ellis... more
    • Sandra Morrison

      RE: Kilwinning Community Events

      Thankyou Donald and all the team who organised the fireworks display.I think everyone was really... more
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The Old King's Road to Portencross

by Roger Griffith

Portencross is said to have been the last mainland resting place for many of the form … 1 Comment

Regimental Sergent Major John Henderson.

by douglas torrance

I came across the interesting headstone of the late RSM Henderson of the Green Howards Reg …

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